Bangkok tightens up COVID-19 limitations

Bangkok city authorities have tightened COVID-19 quarantine constraints because of the coronavirus, prohibiting the tasks of amusement venues, local media outlets record.

According to the latest reports, bars, bars, Net coffee shops, water parks, bathrooms, play grounds and also sports premises, fitness centers, massage therapy shops, fighting styles colleges, cockfighting fields and also a variety of other places will be briefly enclosed Bangkok.

Furthermore, in hairdressing beauty salons, customers do not have to wait on a hairstyle inside, and one site visitor requires to be served no greater than two hrs.

Earlier, the mayor’s workplace of Bangkok shut all institutions up until January 17. Day care centers as well as preschools were additionally bought to close.

Since the start of the pandemic, 7,379 situations of COVID-19 infection have actually been registered in Thailand, regarding 4.3 thousand people have recovered, 64 people have died.