Americans’ leading post-COVID traveling locations exposed

American travelers are not just pondering, however planning post-COVID residential and also long run recreation travel

The previous year has actually been difficult for anxious vacationers and also vacation-goers. However, thanks to vaccine advancements, there’s light at the end of the passage!

And also while stuck at house, we’ve been fantasizing as well as searching for our next traveling destination …

New study exposes the most sought-after future getaway locations for the US as well as exactly how it varies from state to state.

The UNITED STATES’s Leading 10 Traveling Destinations:

Ranking Country Searches
1 Puerto Rico 580,100
2 Mexico 476,690
3 Maldives 312,200
4 Japan 288,700
5 Jamaica 269,100
6 Greece 247,000
7 Aruba 244,400
8 Costa Rica 230,400
9 Bahamas 224,200
10 Iceland 189,100

Puerto Rico is one of the most popular location with 580,100 searches. It appears like lots of Americans are planning a journey rather near residence once the COVID-19 pandemic enables!

The U.S.A.’s Leading Ten Cities, Islands as well as Regional Locations:

Rank City/Island/Region Country Searches
1 Bora Bora French Polynesia 555,400
2 CancĂșn Mexico 425,160
3 Paris France 330,400
4 Dubai United Arab Emirates 293,000
5 Mumbai India 284,850
6 Bali Indonesia 242,700
7 London United Kingdom 227,480
8 Tulum Mexico 194,090
9 Tokyo Japan 166,280
10 Cabo San Lucas Mexico 153,780

Looking especially at the cities as well as areas that Americans are most looking forward to traveling to, the listing is greatly dominated by locations in North America as well as the Caribbean.

Bora Bora in French Polynesia takes the leading place with over 500,000 searches. It shows up numerous Americans are searching for an aqua-centric deluxe getaway post-pandemic!

Paris ranks third area with 330,400 searches. The love capital of the world looks readied to be a preferred destination for lots of loved-up Americans …

The Top Five Locations with the Biggest Decrease:

Ranking Location Look Rise/ Reduction Browse Boost/ Decline (%)
1 Hong Kong -124,570 -48.8%
2 Singapore -171,580 -41.8%
3 Cuba -168,000 -39.2%
4 Bermuda -165,600 -38.4%
5 Thailand -185,100 -31.0%

Hong Kong had the greatest decrease in searches, losing nearly fifty percent (48.8%). They were impacted not just by the pandemic, however also prevalent political demonstrations in the in 2015.